My experience with Tracy was remarkable. She was able to help me and guide me in the right direction to improve my health and wellbeing. She has special talents that she is able to share and apply to her clients daily life. l highly recommend her. 

 ~Marta J

I’ve been petrified of snakes my whole life, I had a session with Tracy and my fear is gone completely!! I highly recommend setting up a session with her if you have any fears/phobias. It will change your life!

~Sydni R

Before my session with Tracy, I hated snakes ever since I was 7 and my neighbor had one that creeped me out. The thought of a snake slithering would always give me chills up and down my body. After my meeting with her snakes don’t even bother me now. I can now see them moving around and not be bothered by it like I was before. I’m a visual person so I asked her to show me a video beforehand and it freaked me out, then after the session we watched the same video plus more & I felt nothing towards them! Defiantly would recommend 10/10, if you have any fears or phobias set up something with Tracy asap!!  

~Luke F

I am a single mom of 2 young boys. After my divorce in 2013, I dated 1 guy way too soon, lasted 6 miserable months. It was lesson learned. I remained single, not even going out on another date for 2 years. I went out on 4 dates with one guy in 2016 and didn’t date again for another year. 2017, 2 dates with 1 guy. At this point I realized (or thought) I was better off single and happy with my 2 kids! I wasn’t even going to pretend I wanted a boyfriend.

Tracy came into my life at the beginning of 2017 and I had been single for 4 years. I made the decision I wanted to change my life so I told her I was committed and hired her as my Spiritual Advisor. She immediately started working with me on manifesting a better life and what it would take to get me there. She took me through some basic steps on positive thinking and believing in myself. A failed marriage and unsuccessful dating definitely did not help my confidence. I was so insecure with so many parts of my life and I felt like I didn’t deserve to have all the things I wanted. As she helped me through this process my life improved. My kids were happier, I was happier. I was feeling so good.

But my insecurity was still rearing its ugly head when it came to being in a relationship. Tracy started out with baby steps and had me write out exactly what I wanted in a man. Not only did I have to think of myself for this but I had to include what kind of man would I want around my boys. I started writing, everything from the color of his hair and eyes, to his body type, personality, hobbies, money, house, every little detail I wanted, I wrote down.

July-October 2018- Tracy worked with me on manifesting a specific job and keeping an open mind to finding the man of my dreams. Getting the job was my number 1 priority. And with her help- I landed it!

Tracy told me if I wanted to keep moving forward with my life I needed to work on getting in a relationship…. I was clearly resistant but I once again hired her to help me. This time I sought her NLP Life Transformational Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy skills. I soon met a guy who sparked my interest a little more than anyone else had. We “hung out” a few times between November and December and I was enjoying his company as time went on. January went by and we were talking more and neither of us were dating anyone else. Then February hit…. this man was literally everything I wrote down. I was in disbelief.

Tracy worked with me on how to get over the fear of another failed relationship. I decided to do her 6 session Dreamsculpting® I wanted this unbelievable perfect relationship to happen with this man and be totally in love and planning future events together by June 1st. Well, I got what I wanted in May (a month earlier then our goal). And he is the most amazing and wonderful man on this Earth! We are completely in love. My kids love him, he loves my kids. He is perfect.

In less than 1 year after putting ideas together on what I thought would be the perfect man and job I got them both. And the Dreamsculpting®️ process was the icing on the cake in creating it. After knowing exactly what I wanted for a perfect relationship with him – it only took me 2 months to get it. Tracy is my life coach and my support system, she has made me a better person, a happier person, and I need her in my life. I can manifest anything with her guidance. I am sure whoever reads this and uses Tracy’s Alchemistic ways will find that their life will improve in every way possible too! What ever your dream or desire is she can help you to achieve it!

I am beyond thankful and grateful for Tracy. My life is better because of her.  

~Melissa S

Lost, broken, and at one of the lowest points of my life. The beginning of 2019 is what I can only describe as an implosion of events, catapulting me into a journey of self-discovery, reconciliation of wrongs, and manifestation of my dreams and desires. Tracy was paramount in guiding me through that journey and there will never be enough words to describe my gratitude toward her lead. Although I worked with Tracy through her DreamSculpting® program, our sessions went above and beyond. Identifying deep-rooted fears, insecurities, and years of negative conditioning, we uncovered the reasons for some of my reoccuring behaviors and self-limiting beliefs. Once we identified these areas, my journey of self-discovery ascended me into a new chapter of my life. One where I could move past the hurt, regret, and self-sabotage I was holding onto. Tracy’s ability to guide me to this ascension was not only effective, but truly amazing at times. After almost every session, within a day or two new opportunities would arise or my outlook became increasingly more optimistic and positive. I vividly remember Tracy explaining to me during one of our first sessions how one of her clients explained her work as “more effective than therapy”. I have to admit, I was very skeptical. I was already seeing therapist (with only minimal improvement in my overall state of well-being and outlook) and wasn’t expecting her work to really be “better”. My only regret is not seeing Tracy sooner. Her ability to tap into things and guide me to an intuitive, aligned view honestly saved me from a very dark place. Anyone who is at a fork in their life, trying to move past pain, or want to manifest their dreams needs to see Tracy. She truly is a master at her craft.  

~ Brittany K

Tracy helped bring perspective into my life with words of wisdom from my dad. I didn’t know what to expect at first, but, my reading was empowering and so positive. I’ve been able to move forward, without fear, for the first time in many years. I’ve known Tracy almost her entire life and had no idea she had this gift. Thanks for sharing it with the world, Tracy, and bringing awareness to people! I highly recommend you contact her……she WILL change your life.  

~Karen M

This was my first time visiting Tracy, also my first time ever stepping outside of my box and opening myself up to a new approach on how to deal with life now and passed life. I’m so glad I picked Tracy to help me. She has opened my eyes in such a positive way. I feel energized again. She is the real deal and I can’t wait to see her again!  

~Kelly T

Tracy isn’t what you expect: she’s better. She has a unique ability to hone in on not only how best to help her clients, 

but how to explain and comfort them along their personal journies. She’s the real deal,

and my life is much better thanks to her counseling and wisdom.

~Mike O