About Tracy’s Work

Spiritual Medium, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist, and “Alchemist of Change” Tracy Pittman marries the physical reality with the ethereal. She recognizes the importance of not only healing and aligning emotionally, but spiritually as well. This unique gift sets Tracy aside from other coaches in that she gives a depth only touched by someone who can see both sides. Tracy uses her intuition coupled with her NLP Certification to find a healing modality that best suits her client’s specific needs. 

In Tracy’s Own Words

 “I am a wife, mother, health and fitness junkie and lover of all things that bring laughter and humor. I have spent the majority of my life seeking higher consciousness in order to help people.  I have worked intensely over the years to clear all of my old wounds so that I can have a clear, present connection to my intuition. This in turn has helped clear a straight path to my guidance so I may help others to do the same.  I have had the ability to connect the Other Side ever since I was a small child. I do not feel compete unless I am showing others how there are always two sides to everything.  I feel we all have blocks that prevent this from happening and judgements that get in our way”

About Tracy

Tracy’s path through adolescence and adulthood was filled with multiple debilitating twist and turns. It is this personal experience with trauma that allows Tracy the ability to connect with a wide range of individuals. 

“When people think you are batshit crazy for communicating with the dead you start to believe it. You think the voices in you head are just that…” ~ Tracy

For years Tracy struggled despite being on antidepressants. Things became so severe for Tracy she at one point became suicidal. It wasn’t until she redeveloped her strong connection to Source that she was able to fulfill her life’s purpose and embrace her gifts once again. The innocent child that had connection to the Other Side of this Realm was once again fully intact. This is when she realized, if she could pull her self out of the darkness and find the light, she had to show others that there is a bridge to the other side of anything.

“You will never think that Tracy doesn’t understand what you’re going through. Her range of experience gives you a sense of closeness that allows vulnerability and a sense of raw emotion to naturally flow out of you.” -Anna M. (former client)

Tracy’s calling to the Spiritual Realm is complimentary to her Empathetic connection with the Physical Realm.  As a small child she could always feel and communicate with Spirits from the Other Side. She later in life became aware that this gift was generational flowing down the path of strong empathic women who were also Mediums. Her connection to the Spirit Realm gave her a much deeper understanding and acceptance of death and how our consciousness always lives on. This is where her connection to our souls transition to a higher realm also began.  

She has helped many souls release their hold on the physical realm and the attachment held here by the physical body. Tracy’s ability to connect with these souls, provides her with a unique ability to guide them peacefully in their transition to the Other Side.

For the past 10 years Tracy has immersed herself in many modalities of healing techniques.  She specializes in Spiritual Mediumship, Spiritual Intuitive Motivator,  Grief Release, Death Transition, Assisting people to realize and embrace their gifts as an Empath/Sensitive, NLP life coach,  Clinical Hypnotherapy, House and Business clearing, DreamSculpting®, Timeline Trauma Release and Releasing Phobias/Fears.

Tracy’s connection helps people facilitate healing within themselves through the use of her lighthearted humor and sensitive, yet direct approach. This innate understanding of people’s wounds helps foster a relationship of support that empowers her clients to dive deeply into their life. Her ability to walk you through these processes is forever transformational.