Spiritual Medium

By connecting to the Other Side, I am able to assist your healing by bridging you to the connected messages from your loved ones. 

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NLP Life Coach

NLP Nero-linguistic programming is a gentle, yet powerful technique that can bring great improvement to both your personal and professional life.

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As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I aim to induce a relaxed and receptive state of trance with my clients in order to access the subconscious.

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Tracy Pittman

Spiritual Medium, Life Coach, and Hypnotherapist, “Alchemist of Change,” Tracy Pittman marries the physical reality with the ethereal. She recognizes the importance of not only healing and aligning emotionally, but spiritually as well. This unique gift sets Tracy aside from other coaches in that she gives a depth only touched by someone who can see both sides. Tracy uses her intuition coupled with her NLP Certification to find a healing modality that best suits her client’s specific needs.